24 November 2020 Press Release

24th November 2020

Press Release – NAB-Virgin Money UK Remediation Support Group Ltd

The Leadership Team voted yesterday to remove Ian Lightbody as a member of the Leadership. The decision follows on from Ian’s resignation as Chairman of our group on 20th November for personal reasons.

On 21st November the Leadership Team was made aware that Ian had also resigned as a director from CYBG Remediation Support Group Ltd ‘in the last couple of days’ whereas, on checking, the resignation was filed on the 10th November with the termination date 1st November.  Further enquiries that afternoon led to the discovery that Ian received a ban to act as a director on 30th October.

The Leadership Team convened a meeting yesterday, 23rd November, both Ian and the Financial Director, David Proctor, were unable to attend.  A motion was raised and carried in the majority to remove Ian from the Leadership Team.  Today, David Proctor has resigned from the Leadership Team and as a director of the Company.

The Leadership Team has no association with SME Alliance Executive. We are not aware of any representations made by SME Alliance to the BBRS or HM Treasury regarding any of our banking issues, save what has appeared on Social Media.

Any representation made by Ian Lightbody to the BBRS Webinar last Wednesday are his personal views/ or that of SME Alliance and not of this Group.

We wish all groups, including SME Alliance, success in fighting on behalf of banking victims.

The Leadership Team remains committed to assisting members individually and collectively against Clydesdale/Yorkshire Bank (VirginMoney UK), National Australia Bank and Cerberus.  We continue to explore all options, including Litigation, the BBRS and FOS, as a means of recourse.  All doors are firmly left open in pursuit of our objective – restitution for our members.

Gurch Samra

John Guidi

David Farndon

Scott Simpson

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